29 November 2018 | yesc

A flood of new ideas for Aberdeenshire teachers 

10 primary school teachers from 10 Aberdeenshire primaries gathered at Braemar Primary on Wednesday 7 November to learn more about an exciting STEM programme, I’m an Engineer, I can help here! The continuing professional development (CPD) course was run by SCDI’s Young Engineers and Science Clubs (YESC) programme in partnership with Wood, a Lead partner of the programme. 

I’m an Engineer, I can help here! uses the topical context of flooding to teach primary pupils, in P5 – P7, about different disciplines of engineering and related careers.  Ahead of using the kits, the teachers gathered to learn how to deliver the project in a classroom setting.  They also enjoyed getting hands on with several practical activities that are included in the kits – building rain gauges with alarms, building pumps, building pulley systems and building emergency lights and bridges.   

Rebecca MacLennanprogramme director of Young Engineers and Science Clubssaid: 

“Using the context of a flood is a great way to teach primary pupils about different types of engineering.  Our I’m an Engineer, I can help here! resource is packed with fun, practical activities.  It shows the vital contribution engineers make in emergency situations as well, as in everyday life, and will inspire the next generation to pursue STEM careers. 

“Thanks to all our partners, including Wood,  we are able to develop and deliver a number of projects and kits for use by primary and secondary school teachers.”  

Stacey Falzon, Wood’s senior manager, early careers and group functions talent, added: 

“At Wood, we are committed to inspiring the thinkers and doers of tomorrow by challenging the norm to build the future.  We believe that raising awareness for young people early in education is key to driving STEM education forward.  The ‘I’m an Engineer’ course is a fantastic way of delivering sustainable learning solutions by working with teachers in the community and promoting STEM activities in a fun and engaging way. ”  

The projects are designed to be reusable and aim to enrich the school curriculum by inspiring young people and showing them the varied and exciting careers available in the STEM disciplines. 

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