27 November 2018 | yesc

Educational robotics project launches in four regions of Scotland 

As part of an initiative designed to engage more young people in to robotics in Scotland, VEX Robotics, the leading platform for educational robotics around the world, in partnership with the Scottish Council for Development and Industry (SCDI), has delivered 40 grants across 4 regions of the country. 

Each individual grant, worth over £500, will help young people aged between 8 to 13 gain hands-on programming and design skills experience through the building of robots. SCDI, as the new delivery partner for VEX Robotics in Scotland, will be leading the growth of this fun and innovative project across the country. 

Teachers and educators based in and around Aberdeen, Arbroath, Fort William and Glasgow were invited to workshops in their respective regions to familiarise themselves with VEX Robotics and the VEX IQ platform, prior to the start of the new academic year.

Following these sessions, attendees commented on the impressive scope for student growth in core STEM subjects, such as Physics, Technology, Engineering and Computer Science, as well as the free programming software and academic resources available online.

The robotic kits are primarily intended for extracurricular use in the first VEX IQ Challenge events to take place in Scotland.

The competitions, which are set to commence in November 2018, will see teams from Aberdeen, Arbroath, Fort William and Glasgow compete in separate regional events to build a robot designed to complete tasks, overcome obstacles and earn points.  

2 teams from each regional event will have the chance to compete at the VEX IQ Challenge UK National Championships in March 2019, along with 60 teams from the rest of the UK.

Bridie Gaynor, Competition Support Manager (who oversaw the workshops) said: 

“I personally can’t wait to welcome more teams from Scotland to VEX UK Nationals and to watch their creations come to life in regional events across the country. Based on my observations and the feedback received following the workshops, there certainly won’t be a shortage of students keen to get involved!” 

Rebecca MacLennan, YESC programme director at  SCDI, welcomed VEX Robotics’ geographical expansion into more regions of Scotland: 

“This is a fantastic incentive for teachers in Scotland to develop pupils’ knowledge of STEM through a really exciting and interesting form of robotics. It’s great news for students who can not only compete in a fun and friendly environment by creating these wonderful robots, but also gain so much knowledge through design and programming from a young age giving them a wonderful chance to advance in STEM pathways throughout their education and beyond.” 

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