All of the STEM learning we provide for schools is engineered specifically to stimulate young minds, but another crucial part of our work is to support teachers to deliver STEM learning themselves.

Our ready-to-use, hands-on STEM activity packs are specifically built to be completely curriculum compatible – our kits come fully equipped and contain clear lesson plans too. The kits not only provide great learning, they’re lots of fun!

Climate Smarter

Climate Smarter is an exciting interdisciplinary and curriculum aligned STEM project for Primary 5 to Secondary 2 pupils.  This project is designed to enthuse and inspire pupils to think creatively to come up with solutions to the biggest global problems to face them, now, and in their future.

Carbon Capture

Pupils will investigate carbon dioxide – sources, capture, transport, storage, and monitoring, then build a carbon dioxide storage facility. Through the project, they will also examine the role CCS plays in the wider global energy mix.

Our work is not just for young Stemovators, we also aim to build confidence for teachers who might not have much STEM learning themselves. At our regular regional CPD learning sessions teachers can see and have a go with our kits, and share their ideas and experience.

It’s a joy taking part in this project. Without the free resources, which are accessible for all learning abilities, our school wouldn’t be able to deliver this level of STEM learning.

Susanne Beattie, East Calder Primary Teacher