Carbon Capture

This is an exciting topical project for second and third level pupils. This project takes pupils on a learning journey through the exciting world of Carbon Capture and Storage.

Pupils will investigate carbon dioxide – sources, capture, transport, storage, and monitoring, then build a carbon dioxide storage facility. Through the project, they will also examine the role CCS plays in the wider global energy mix.

The experiments and activities can be delivered as one-off sessions in an extra-curricular club over several weeks or alongside other lessons as a full programme with a full class.

CPD's in Aberdeen/Aberdeenshire

We would like to thank Shell for supporting this project

At Shell, we believe that carbon capture and storage will be an essential technology in helping the UK, and Shell, to achieve our net-zero emissions targets. Our ambition is to work with governments, customers, and partners to unlock the potential for CCS to abate emissions in the UK where there are not currently scalable low-carbon alternatives.

Shell has a group target to become a net-zero emissions energy business by 2050, in step with society. To get there, we are transforming our business: reducing emissions from our operations, providing more low-carbon energy, and working with our customers as they make changes too.