12 June 2024 | stemovators

Future STEM workforce in Fife inspired by schools outreach programme

Pupils from schools across Fife joined forces to showcase their innovation and learning from their involvement in Stemovators.

Schools have been taking part in the award-winning schools STEM outreach programme throughout the year culminating in a celebration event in in partnership with Shell U.K. Limited.

Young people and teachers gathered at Fife College’s, Carnegie Conference Centre to exhibit their projects and compete for competition prizes. Industry volunteers and partners provided challenges which gave the young people an insight of the different career paths available in the Science Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) industry.

Thomas Wild, Head of Stemovators said: “The projects, in partnership with our industry funders, inspire pupils and helps them develop valuable skills and knowledge whilst encouraging uptake in STEM subjects and careers.  The celebration event is a culmination of the project and gives an opportunity where young people can showcase their innovation and hard work whilst learning more about different career and education pathways.”

Randa Watt, Teacher, Canmore Primary School, said: “Attending the Fife Celebration event opens doors to new opportunities and experiences with pupils feeling connected and inspired. It is an invaluable opportunity for our pupils as it offers a platform to showcase their talents, connect with like-minded individuals, and gain insights and inspiration from industry speakers.”

Craig Burnett, Plant Manager, Shell Fife NGL, said “Science plays an important role in meeting some of society’s most pressing challenges, including the need for more and cleaner energy. Having fun with science at an early age can encourage children to further their interest in STEM. We hope taking part in events like these will encourage pupils to engage in STEM subjects and pursue careers in engineering.”

Pupils have participated in STEM initiatives with a focus on carbon capture and storage and the climate. These projects are funded by industry to provide free resource kits to schools.

The Climate Smarter project focuses on sustainable materials, energy storage and ‘smart’ technologies. This enables schools to create their entry for the celebration competition of a tabletop model of their future eco-school. Support for this project in Fife comes from Shell UK Limited with Crown Estate Scotland, Confor, Scottish Forestry Trust, Wood, Scottish Power, Total Energies and HCI supporting the project in additional regions around Scotland.

The Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) initiative covers a variety of different aspects of CCS, including experiments from how to design and build a carbon dioxide storage facility to investigating carbon dioxide storage and transport and the role CCS plays in the wider global energy challenge. This is funded by Shell U.K. Limited.

Prize winners:

  • Regional Winner: Lumphinnans Primary School
  • Regional Runner-up: Canmore Primary School
  • Carbon Capture and Storage Winner: St Margaret’s RC Primary Schol
  • Carbon Capture and Storage Runner-up: Canmore Primary School
  • Climate Smarter Winner: Fair Isle Primary School
  • Climate Smarter Runner-up: Masterton Primary School
  • STEM Challenge Winner: Masterton Primary School
  • STEM Challenge Runner-up: Carleton Primary School

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