11 June 2024 | stemovators

New brand unveiled for long-running STEM education programme

One of Scotland’s longest running and most successful STEM education programmes, Young Engineers and Science Clubs (YESC), has today unveiled a new name and new look.

Originally launched in 1987 by Prosper (SCDI), YESC have been providing high quality science, technology, engineering and maths education activities in schools across Scotland ever since.

As of today, YESC are unveiling the latest stage in their evolution and will now be known as Stemovators.

STEM Clubs, a key element of our programme, have always played an important role in what we do, but as we’ve evolved we wanted our name to reflect our wider role and all of the ways we support STEM education in classrooms, year groups and schools. Each year we work with over 10,000 pupils from around 250 schools. Last year we provided over 300 STEM kits, free of charge. Stemovators was chosen to reflect youthful energy, creative thinking and problem solving.

Stemovators Head Thomas Wild feels the new name matches the organisation’s innovative approach to STEM education.

“At YESC we’ve been around for nearly four decades, and we felt it was time for an upgrade. We wanted to reflect the rapid evolution of science, tech and engineering and the associated demand for STEM skills development from industry. We also wanted a name which gave a nod to Scotland’s proud tradition of invention and problem-solving, and one which represented the excitement and impact which our fun educational activities.”

The energy of the Stemovators name is complemented by a vivid new brand and website. Using icons from the spectrum of STEM subjects, we hope the new brand will catch the eye of pupils, teachers and the many partners from industry who have supported our schools’ STEM education programme over the years.

Stemovators’ Thomas Wild says that although the name is changing, the commitment to STEM education remains just as solid as it has been for the last 4 decades. “Everything we do is designed to stimulate young minds about the huge potential offered by STEM subjects during school years and beyond. Our STEM learning activity packs help spark interest in career options which might not have been considered before. Our programme supports workforce development too – by liaising closely with industry partners, we develop activities which can help bridge Scotland’s STEM skills gaps.”

With such a superb track record, the future continues to looks rosy for Stemovators and the thousands of Scottish school children who will benefit from one of the organisation’s STEM education activities.

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