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Engaging with Prospers’s, Scottish Government backed Young Engineers & Science Clubs programme is a cost-effective way of engaging with STEM education to inspire the next generation of engineers by opening their eyes to the exciting opportunities within the sector and helping them make informed decisions to pursue STEM subjects at school and beyond; ultimately delivering the future talent pipeline for your company.

Core partnership funding contributes to delivery costs of growing and supporting the network, including the YESC delivery team, new project development, STEM advisory service to schools, marketing, and provision of resources to schools across Scotland; helping us to deliver the Scottish Government’s  STEM Strategy.

Your involvement helps equip Scotland’s young people for the future by bringing real-world challenges into the classroom. Our team’s expertise ensures that the activities created meet the learning outcomes sought and inspire and entertain children and young people highlighting the opportunities a STEM career can offer. In addition to the opportunities highlighted below, we welcome new ideas from industry partners and are happy to co-create new content or activities.

Why work with Prosper’s Young Engineering and Science Clubs

  • Host an industry Q & A session
  • Provide a virtual “day in the life” tour of your workplace
  • Mentoring Young Engineering and Science Club students from affiliated schools
  • Join competition judging panels and awards ceremonies
  • Showcase the valuable contribution your business is making to building a better Scotland by addressing societal challenges through STEM (AI and data, climate change, aging population)
  • Raise awareness of your brand among new, diverse audiences across Scotland
  • Extend your reach by working with Scotland’s largest network of schools and STEM clubs
  • Attract talent to your business through improved brand awareness
  • Associate your brand with Prosper and YESC brand values
  • YESC provides a canvas to showcase your work to local, national and international audiences, promoting better understanding of your organisation and enabling two-way engagement with schools
  • Investing in young people by supporting opportunities for skills development and hands-on learning, growing your talent pipeline
  • Demonstrated commitment to promoting STEM education and accessible learning opportunities for all, regardless of age, background or gender
  • Opportunities to demonstrate your organisation’s commitment to social economic and environmental activities

We have ambitious plans to expand our network across Scotland allowing more schools to benefit from our inspirational resources.  Partnering with YESC is an effective way for industry and commerce to engage with and influence your future workforce. We would be delighted to discuss support opportunities. You can contact the team at:

Thank you to our current industry partners who support Young Engineers and Science Clubs (YESC) by providing funding, in-kind support and industry expertise; enabling us to deliver our programme projects, competitions and events across Scotland.

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