Code vs Climate

Are you looking for ways to use the micro:bits you already have in school?

Can your pupils to re-imagine a household device or system to save energy, save money and help tackle climate change and programme a micro:bit to design a solution?

This exciting project was designed to get pupils to create and design with technology, rather than just consuming it.  This year we have enhanced the project to include a kit of components that you can purchase.  The additional kit enables you to run through the experiments in the Code vs Climate guide and find out how to connect the different components to the micro:bit and find out what they can do.

The Code vs Climate project is a three-part project:

  1.  Investigate energy usage in your school. Which appliances use the most energy? Which appliances are being left on when not needed? How can you raise awareness and reduce energy waste in your school?
  2.  Learn to program and solve problems using the BBC micro:bit. Invent ways to reduce energy use or waste.
  3.  Enter our competition. Identify a specific problem related to energy use/waste or climate change, and invent a solution to it using the BBC micro:bit. Create a short video, slideshow, or report explaining the results of your energy audit and showing what your invention does and how it works

Thanks to funding from Digital Xtra we were able to offer a FREE micro:bit teacher CPD to 8 schools in Renfrewshire and South Lanarkshire.  The schools also received a FREE kit of components with micro:bits to enable them to take part in the Code vs Climate competition.